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Deal: Break into Blockchain and Ethereum

Blockchain and Ethereum cryptocurrency Bundle

Do you know just how much you can do with Blockchain? It goes far beyond Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, although those are interesting aspects. You can build a new skill set with the Complete Blockchain and Ethereum Programmer Bundle for just $29 and focus on the future.

Before you run, you have to learn to walk. This beginner-friendly learning kit starts out with an introduction to Hyperledger Composer. Hyperledger is built to help streamline the creation of Blockchain applications, a process that used to require expansive coding knowledge. Finally, you’ll complete a capstone project to test your skills before moving to the next tutorial.

Apply your Blockchain and Ethereum skills to the cryptocurrency industry.

Although there are numerous applications for Blockchain, you can’t have a bundle like this without diving into cryptocurrency and mining. Everyone’s heard of Bitcoin at this point, but this bundle helps emphasize the exciting future of cryptocurrency.

Once you’ve built a firm cryptocurrency base, you’ll dive into Ethereum and start building applications. You’ll have the opportunity to create a decentralized Blockchain app using Angular, Solidity 3, and Truffle 2. With hands-on training, the future of technology doesn’t have to be scary.

Blockchain and ethereum cryptocurrency bundle courses

Blockchain and Ethereum highlights:

This deal helps you save over 98% off the combined retail value of over $1,800. Cryptocurrency is here to stay, and the Complete Blockchain and Ethereum Programmer Bundle is a perfect way to get started for only $29.

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