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Deal: Fitterclub Personal Training is just $19 today

Fitterclub Personal Training: One-Year Membership

Happy New Year, folks! Ready to hit the ground running on that fitness resolution? Unless you’re super disciplined, you might need a bit of motivation to get your workout right and stick with it. Personal training at the gym is one option, but the cost of membership and the person yelling at you quickly becomes very expensive indeed.

Don’t give up. With Fitterclub, you can get your very own tailored fitness program that you can do from home. The best part is that right now at Tech Deals you can sign up for as little as $19.

Start looking and feeling better in 2020.

Fitterclub is an online fitness community with over 8 million tailored fitness programs. It contains streamed workouts, nutrition programs, and step by step guides to help you tone up or slim down. Whatever your goals, there will be a curated program for you ready to be streamed to your device.

Just 30 minutes of training per day can help you achieve your objectives. A quick questionnaire assesses your fitness levels, body type, experience, food preferences, and personal goals.

Fitterclub Personal Training at a glance:

  • Build a personalized workout and nutrition program through a simple questionnaire.
  • Train for just 30 minutes per day, five days a week on your personalized fitness program.
  • Choose the food you want and have fun with delicious, healthy recipes tailored to you.
  • Change your approach to working out and nutrition.
  • Access your workouts anywhere you have an internet connection.

We’re spotlighting Fitterclub today because membership is usually around $120 per year, but we can do much better than that this week. Right now you can sign up for just $19.

There are even better deals on the three and five-year membership packages. Today, the five-year option is just $39.99 in total.

The deal ends soon, so start 2020 right. Tap the below to check out the offer.

$19 .00
Fitterclub Personal Training: 1-Year Membership

Save $100 .99

Buy it Now

Fitterclub Personal Training: 1-Year Membership Buy it Now
Save $100 .99 $19 .00

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