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Deal: Get a Google Pixel 3a or 3a XL for $50 off plus a $100 gift card

Google Pixel 3a Deal Amazon January 2020Amazon

Are you looking for a Google Pixel 3a deal? You might be trying to find one at a discount, which is what most deals offer. However, what if you could also earn some money on top of just saving it?

That’s what this Google Pixel 3a deal from Amazon does for you. Right now, and for a limited time, you can save $50 off the list price of the Pixel 3a or Pixel 3a XL. Along with that, you will also get a $100 Amazon gift card with your purchase, which means you’re effectively saving a whopping $150 off the Pixel 3a.

Considering the Pixel 3a already has a low entry price of just $399, that’s like saving nearly 40% off. And this is one of the best phones of 2019!

As a reminder, the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL come with the exact same camera system found in the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. That means you can take stunning smartphone shots without needing to spend flagship prices. The Pixel 3a family also receive fast Android updates and the latest security patches before most other phones.

As of now, this Google Pixel 3a deal works for all three colorways of the devices: Clearly White, Just Black, and Purple-ish. Have fun picking the color that best fits your personality!

Click one of the buttons below to grab this deal. Remember, this could end at any moment, so take advantage of it quickly!

Google Pixel 3a Comes with free $100 Amazon gift card!
Peel the stubborn technophobe away from their flip phone with the Google Pixel 3a. Google’s affordable offering features the simplicity of stock Android. Premium features like a 12.2MP camera with Night Sight, stereo speakers, and a 3,000mAh battery make the Pixel 3a a great overall phone.

Google Pixel 3a XL Comes with free $100 Amazon gift card!
The Pixel 3a XL is designed for regular people who want a phone that can capture great memories, deliver solid battery life, and will last them a good few years. The Pixel 3a XL delivers on its promise and is definitely worth a recommendation.

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Source of the article – Android Authority