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Deal: Learn web scraping and put data at your fingertips

Web Scraping course

What if you could grab all of the data from a webpage with just a few clicks? This deal on the Complete 2019 Web Scraping Course will teach you how step-by-step for only $12.99, and it’s a handy skill in a data-driven world.

Whether it’s for competitor price monitoring, market data aggregation, or real-time analytics, web-scraping can save you huge amounts of time in many industries.

Manually copying data out of webpages is tedious and time-consuming. Learning to write a web scraping code that will pull your information for you while you refill your coffee just makes life easier.

Learn using real-life examples with data in Google Translate.

The tutorial is broken down into two simple lessons before you get to start working on real-life projects. You’ll learn how to set up the environment to code the scraper, and then you’ll learn about the building blocks and important syntax to keep your scraper running smoothly.

Every step in the learning kit is beginner-friendly, so you don’t need to worry about the coding skills you already have. These new tools can compliment any data-driven career.

Web scraping at a glance:

  • Get introduced to NodeJS and how it works.
  • Learn the basics of scraping and how to use Selenium.
  • Try three projects: Google Translate 2018 and 2019, and a travel insurance website.
  • Learn how to read data from a CSV file.
  • Try saving data into new CSV files and apply validations.

The lessons are taught by Jazeb Akram, a web designer with a long background working in data. Akram is passionate about building new web applications and making life easier for programmers. 

Grab this web scraping learning kit and find out just how easy it can be to put data at your fingertips. Seven hours of training for the affordable price of only $12.99 is a 93% discount from the retail value. But the deal is due to end soon.

Intrigued? Hit the button below and get scraping!

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