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Deal: Pay what you want to master Linux

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Pay What You Want: The Complete Linux eBook Bundle

Linux is such a versatile operating system that it’s growing in popularity. Tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon all use it, and now you can learn how powerful it can be for as little as $1.

The Complete Linux eBook Bundle is the latest learning kit to feature in the popular ‘pay what you want’ promotion.

The bundle comprises four eBooks and 50 hours of learning material. Each is produced by an expert in the Linux OS, and together the eBooks are worth $160.

Everything is covered, from building embedded devices to scripting and security. Check it out below. By the time you’re through, you’ll have a whole range of new specialist skills.

Pay What You Want The Complete Linux eBook Bundle

The Complete Linux eBook Bundle

As you’ll see on the deal page, you can choose to pay as much — or as little — as you like. Even if you pay just $1 you’ll get the Mastering Embedded Linux Programming eBook.

If you beat the average price, you get all four eBooks. The average is no secret and, at the time of writing, was just over $11. It’s quite a steal.

Most people are paying above the average, so it’s slowly creeping up. That means that the earlier you get in, the better price you’ll get.

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