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Deal: Pick up the Speed Reading Mastery Bundle for $17

Speed Reading Mastery

The average American is capable of reading between 200 and 250 words per minute. However, President John F. Kennedy was rumored to have been able to read an incredible 1,000 words per minute. You can pick up the Speed Reading Mastery Bundle for just $17 and learn some of the tricks of the trade.

This beginner-friendly learning kit packs six courses that are full of information on memory and how to start speed reading. You can learn about tutorials that claim to help you read 300 books this year. That might be fanciful, but you can learn how you can read quicker and retain more of the important information.

Speed your way through 13 hours of content and learn about your memory.

Another section of the learning kit is the sequel to Jonathan Levi’s SuperLearner course. Although he can’t help you jump up to a perfect GPA, Levi is your guide to the neurological and cognitive factors behind learning. The tips and tricks are designed to teach you about learning and memorizing more effectively.

You could be the best in the world at speed reading, but how useful is it if you aren’t retaining the information? Probably the most important section of the learning kit is on how to help your memory and retention. It’s perfect for trying to memorize that holiday shopping list.

Speed Reading Courses

The Speed Reading Mastery bundle:

The six courses included in the Speed Reading Mastery Bundle have a combined retail value of $1,200. This deal is your limited-time opportunity to grab them all for only $17.85 when you apply the promo code BFSAVE15 at checkout. Try the learning kit out and then come back and read this post again; see how fast you can zip through it.

Learning skills can last a lifetime, but this deal ends soon. Hit the button below before it’s gone.

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