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Deal: Save 98% on the Premium 2020 Learn to Code Bundle

2020 Learn To Code Bundle

If your New Year’s resolution is a future in coding, it’s not too early to get prepared. This is your opportunity to pick up the Premium 2020 Learn to Code Bundle for only $45 and get a head start.

This beginner-friendly learning kit has it all. You’ll learn the fundamentals of nearly a dozen programming languages, from Java and Python to AngularJS and HTML5. Strong hands-on experience in this many languages will help you to become a Swiss army knife of coding skills.

Dive into nearly 150 hours of coding content.

Don’t worry about just learning a half-hour here and there in each language; there are nearly 150 hours of coding content packed into this learning kit, and you get lifetime access. You can work through over 1,400 learn to code lessons and develop projects from scratch. 

In just the first lesson, you’ll learn to code a blog application by combining Express, MongoDB, and Semantic UI. After you’ve built a blog, you’ll be challenged to build a Yelp clone. If you’ve been wanting to dive into databases, there’s a lesson completely dedicated to sharpening your MySQL skills.

2020 Learn to Code Courses

Personally, my favorite lesson in the bundle is Javascript: Understanding the weird parts. Why? Because it shows just how deep this learning kit goes. If you want to learn to code, you can’t just learn the basic features without learning the quirks of each language. You have to be able to overcome the hiccups in the road without fear.

2020 Learn to Code Bundle highlights:

The 2020 Learn to Code Bundle has a combined retail value of over $2,500. By taking advantage of this deal, you’re saving 98% off retail and paying just $45.

Over 2,000 people have already enrolled. Join them while you can via the button below.

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