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Deal: This wooden alarm clock and wireless charger is under $19

Wooden Alarm Clock

What if you could combine the best parts of an alarm clock with the convenience of wireless charging? You can pick up this Qi-charging wooden alarm clock and do just that for only $18 with our Black Friday promo code.

Holidays are coming, and this cute piece of tech is a nice gift idea to complement any bedside table. The clock displays the time, date, temperature, and humidity right in front of you to start your day. 

Set your alarm and wake up to a full battery.

You might use your phone as an alarm because you charge it by your bed. Well, you can still do that with the wooden alarm clock. The entire top panel is a Qi wireless charger so you can just set your phone on top and wake up to a full battery.

The days of alarm clocks being large black boxes with bright green lights are long gone. You can choose from black, brown, and tan versions of the wooden alarm clock to perfectly match your decor

Wooden Alarm Clock highlights:

  • Light up the screen by clapping your hands or making noise.
  • Display time, date, temperature, and humidity in crisp LED lights.
  • Set up to three alarms to wake up without hitting snooze.
  • Place your phone on top of the clock and start charging instantly.

This wooden alarm clock has a retail value of $40, but you can pick it up for just $18.70 with the promo code BFSAVE15. You’ll see it on offer for $21.99, so just bang in the code at the checkout for an even better deal.

The clock is ticking for your gifts to arrive by the holidays. Hit the button below to check out the offer.

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Source of the article – Android Authority