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Discover GameShell: The open-source portable game console

Hobby meets pleasure in the exciting world of GameShell. This portable game console can be used to play classic games from the likes of Atari, GameBoy, NES, and PS1.

But it can do so much more than that. We highly recommend checking out the video above.

The GameShell Kit is the world’s first modular, portable gaming console with a GNU/Linux embedded operating system.

GameShell lets you modify games and even create new ones.

As well as emulating classic games, GameShell lets you modify games and even create new ones as you wish. You can also use GameShell as a mini-computer by connecting it via mini HDMI to your TV.

It gets better. With GameShell you can create DIY wireless speakers, program a custom remote for device control, or even make smart toys that can independently interact with Lego blocks.

GameShell Portable Gaming Console

The GameShell kit includes a Clockwork Pi board, an Arduino compatible keyboard, a two-channel stereo speaker, a 2.7-inch screen, a 1,200mAh rechargeable battery, and five independent IO extended keys.

The modular and open-source nature of GameShell makes the possibilities almost endless, so if you’re a hobbyist and a gamer it’s your dream come true.

The GameShell Portable Gaming Console:

  • Play retro games from famous consoles.
  • Create your own games and mods.
  • Use the powerful Clockwork Pi development board.
  • Enjoy big-screen gaming even on a downsized Linux computer.
  • Fun and easy assembly process.

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