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Drive safely this holiday season with a BACtrack C6 breathalyzer

Ah, the holidays. Perfect for enjoying time with family. I don’t know about you, but my family enjoys a drink or two when we’re all together. You probably know your limits, but do you know for sure that you’re driving legally? For peace of mine, you can pick up a BACtrack C6 Personal Breathalyzer for just $32 with our promo code.

The police often set up extra checkpoints around the holidays to ensure everyone on the road is safe, so even if you feel sober, it’s good to be sure. The BACtrack is also conveniently keychain-sized, so it doesn’t feel like a burden to tote around.

Even if you’re not a driver, the BACtrack is still a handy little gadget to have. To be honest, it’s probably pretty fun to just test it out with your friends while you’re at a party. As long as you drink responsibly, you can track how each drink affects each one of you.

BACtrack Personal Breathalyzer Wide

BACtrack Breathalyzer highlights:

  • Powered by a BluFire sensor, as used by law enforcement.
  • Fits onto your keychain and weighs as little as a key.
  • Connects to your phone via Bluetooth to track BAC in the companion app.
  • Order an Uber or Lyft directly from the BAC app if you can’t drive.

The coolest feature is that the app lets you order an Uber or Lyft in case you can’t drive. Seriously, this little device wants you to get home safely.

The BACtrack C6 Breathalyzer has a retail value of $70, but it’s on offer for $38 on Tech Deals. Using the promo code BFSAVE15 at the checkout, it can be yours for just $32.

This is a temporary price drop, so pick yours up via the button below and drive safely this holiday season.

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Source of the article – Android Authority