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Gallery: Here’s what the world’s first 108MP camera can do

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 camera and logo macro

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has finally landed, bringing with it the world’s first 108MP penta-camera setup. More megapixels doesn’t necessarily mean better photos, but we wanted to take a quick look at what kind of detail the phone can capture in 12,032 x 9,024 pixels.

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There are plenty of photos in the review above, but here are a few full 108MP photos alongside a simple crop. Bear in mind that the standard photo mode takes 27MP pixel-binned images, which in many cases provide more pleasing results. Nevertheless, here are some sample photos from the first 108MP camera. Scroll down to the end for a Google Drive link so you can pixel-peep your heart out.

Landscape photos are a mixed bag, with many details lost to post-processing where textures and colors are too complex. This creates a kind of painted effect, which is most noticeable in the first set of photos below.

108mp camera sample landscape
108mp camera sample landscape cropped

In this second case the 108MP camera fared far better, with even the tiniest of details visible in the 100% cropped image, for better or worse. It also showcases the camera sensors natural depth of field, which is quite impressive.

108mp camera sample seed
108mp camera sample seed cropped

The leaves in the next set of pictures once again blend together due to being a similar color, but the camera still does a decent job of maintaining detail in the cropped image, even if the result is a bit flat.

108mp camera sample tree
108mp camera sample tree cropped

Here we see the camera’s depth of field in action again, with a remarkable amount of detail preserved in the foreground. It’s almost difficult to spot where the cropped image comes from since it’s such a small and insignificant piece of the larger photo.

108mp camera sample flowers
108mp camera sample flowers cropped

Direct sunlight helped this last set, where you can still make out the veins of each leaf in the cropped image. Even so, some of the reds tend to blend together and lose definition.

108mp camera sample red
108mp camera sample red cropped

That’s all for our quick 108MP camera samples! Remember you can find the full size images (plus a few more that weren’t featured — including one with my dog!) in this Google Drive folder. More camera samples can also be found in our full review. Happy peeping!

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Source of the article – Android Authority