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Get it now: Stable Microsoft Edge Chromium is available for download

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Microsoft has finally released the stable version of the new, retooled Microsoft Edge for macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. This revamped browser comes with a shiny new Chromium base, making it a truly viable Google Chrome replacement.

Microsoft’s browsers have trailed behind Chrome and Firefox for many years now — first with Internet Explorer and then with Microsoft Edge. The company hopes that building Edge on top of Google’s open-source Chromium browser will start to change that.

The new Microsoft Edge isn’t the only browser to take this approach either. Other offerings like Vivaldi, Opera, and Amazon Silk are also built on top of Chromium, despite how different they may seem. 

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Microsoft Edge has already been one of the best Android browsers you can use for some time now. But this new approach could be what gives Microsoft the edge (pun intended) it needs to close the gap between it and the competition.

Unfortunately, the browser is missing a few useful features as of right now. History and extension sync are currently MIA, though Microsoft will eventually include them in an update later this year. Other than that, the browser should look, feel, and function very similarly to Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers.

Microsoft will automatically replace the old Microsoft Edge browser on existing Windows 10 machines with this new one in the coming months, and it will come by default on new computers from here on out. You don’t need to wait until then, though. You can either head over to Microsoft’s website to download the new Edge for yourself, or you can click one of the links below.

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Source of the article – Android Authority