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Google hints Dark Mode scheduling could return in Android 11

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Google introduced a system-wide Dark Mode with the release of Android 10. The feature is touted to make night-time reading easier on the eyes and reduce the harmful effects of blue light. In the Android 10 beta, there was an option to schedule Dark Mode based on the time of day. However, the scheduling feature never made it to the final release of the OS.

Looks like Google will reinstate the feature in the coming future (via XDA Developers). After multiple requests and complaints from users, a Googler confirmed on the Google Issues Tracker that Dark Mode scheduling will be reinstated in a “future Android release.”

Last year, Chris Banes from the Android Developer Relations team explained that Dark Mode scheduling “requires apps to request location permissions to be accurate, and even with a valid location the sunrise/sunset time calculations can be buggy.” He added that “calculating sunrise/sunsets are notoriously difficult, especially for locations close to north/south poles.”

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However, users argued that the Night Light Mode since Android Nougat has offered similar functionality. To this, Google replied that Night Light uses a “big chunk of code which we (Google) wouldn’t want AppCompat to depend on.”

Given the restrictions, it’s unclear how Google will enable Dark Mode scheduling in a future version of Android. All we know right now is that it’s coming, possibly with Android 11.

Those who still want to enable Dark Mode scheduling on Android 10 can do so through third-party apps. XDA Developers lists out instructions on how to do so here.

Does Dark Mode scheduling really matter to you? Or are you happy with a one-time on/off switch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Source of the article – Android Authority