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Google takes a swipe at pricey iPhone XS in new Pixel 3a ad

The Google Pixel 3a.

The Google Pixel 3a is arguably one of the best mid-range phones on the market right now, and the Mountain View company isn’t afraid to compare it to more expensive devices. In fact, Google previously compared the Pixel 3a to the $999 iPhone XS.

The company is stepping up its war on Apple this week (h/t: 9to5Google), issuing two ads that tout the new phone’s Google integration.

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The search kingpin’s ads have the same basic theme, noting that the $999 Phone X (the iPhone XS again) “has Google.” But one of the ads, seen below, continues by saying the $399 Pixel 3a “is Google.” This ad also notes that Google Assistant is built into the Pixel 3a — iPhone users have to download it first.

The Google Pixel 3a ad. 9to5Google

The Pixel 3a allows you to squeeze the phone to summon Assistant out of the box. Google isn’t the only Android device maker to offer easy Assistant access either, as several manufacturers now offer dedicated Assistant hardware keys. But it’s not like the iPhone doesn’t offer quick access to a virtual assistant, as users can indeed hold the power or home button to activate Siri.

The Google Pixel 3a also stands out from the iPhone series owing to its exclusive camera features, such as HDR+ and Night Sight mode. Then again, Apple’s $999 model indeed offers wireless charging, two rear cameras, and water/dust resistance. Which device would you take if you had money to burn? Let us know in the comments.

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