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Have you ever cracked your phone? (Poll of the Week)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus back corner crack poll of the week

At home, I have no issue carrying around my Google Pixel 3 XL naked. The frosted glass back feels so smooth in the hands, with the Not Pink pain job aesthetically-pleasing to my eyes.

However, I don’t take my phone outside without a case and screen protector. Thanks to my Otterbox Symmetry case and tempered glass screen protector, I’ve averted a future of insurance claims and deductibles. I can’t trust myself to not drop my Pixel 3 XL from time to time, and the accessories give me some peace of mind.

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That brings us to this week’s poll: have you ever cracked your phone? The last phone I remember cracking was the HTC Sensation 4G back in 2011, with the screen protector on my phone having cracked after a drop about a month ago.

I could just purchase insurance for the next smartphone I get for even more peace of mind. However, me walking around without my phone in a case is a disaster waiting to happen.

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