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How to cancel your YouTube TV subscription

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Google recently increased YouTube TV’s availability to reach customers across the U.S. But shortly after this expansion, the service announced that it would be raising pricing for customers new and old by $10 to $15.

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Despite the new channels added to the streaming television service, $50 a month might cost too much. If this is the case for you, Google made it easy to cancel YouTube TV subscriptions.

Here’s how to cancel YouTube TV from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

How to cancel YouTube TV subscription

Step 1: Open the YouTube TV app on your mobile device or visit tv.youtube.com. Here, you should see your avatar associated with your Google account. Tap on this icon to move to the next step.

Note: If you’re on your computer, a pop-up will appear after clicking on your avatar. Click on “Settings” and skip to step 3.

YouTube TV Homescreen Screenshot

Step 2: You should now be in the Account menu within the YouTube TV app. Sign into whichever Google account is associated with the YouTube TV subscription that you wish to cancel. When you’re ready, select “Settings.”

YouTube TV Account Screenshot

Step 3: You should now be in the Settings menu. Here you will find a handful of items to help you maintain your account. You will now want to tap on “Membership” located at the top of the list.

YouTube TV Settings Menu Screenshot

Step 4: At the top of the Membership menu, you will find information about your monthly television and add-on subscriptions. Directly under the YouTube TV selection, you will see a button labeled “Deactivate membership.” Tap or click on this button to move forward.

YouTube TV Membership Menu Screenshot

Step 5: As Google doesn’t want you to cancel your subscription, you will be given the option to pause the service for several weeks. If you select this option, your membership can be halted for up to 24 weeks. Choose the “Pause Membership” button if this is what you want to do.

Note: When your YouTube TV subscription is reinstated, the service will automatically jump up to the new $49.99 a month fee.

If you wish to continue with your cancelation, tap or click on “Cancel” found at the bottom of the menu.

YouTube TV Deactivate Membership Screenshot

Step 6: Before you can progress forward, Google will ask you why you’re canceling. You have to make a selection before you can move to the next step. Hit the “Next” button after you choose one of the options.

YouTube TV Survey Screenshot

Step 7: Finally, when you’re sure that you wish to cancel your membership, you can tap or click “Cancel YouTube TV.” If you change your mind, you can hit nevermind.

YouTube TV Cancel Subscription Screenshot

An email will be sent to you confirming the cancellation. The message will include details about how much longer you’ll have to access the television service.

Google will delete all of your saved programmings after 21 days, but YouTube TV will remember your account preferences. If you ever decide to reinstate your membership, the service will know which shows you previously recorded.

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