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Huawei reveals which eight of its phones will get first dibs on Android Q

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Huawei announced today on Weibo that eight of its phones will get Android Q immediately after Google’s Pixel phones get the update.

The lucky Huawei phones that get first dibs on Android Q are the Mate 20 series (Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20 X, Mate 20 RS Porsche Design), the P30 series (P30, P30 Pro), Magic 2, and View 20/V20. The phones will also get the updated version of EMUI that will be based on Android Q.


With Google expected to release the new version of Android at the tail-end of summer 2019, we don’t know what Huawei means by “immediately.” Also, Huawei didn’t provide a timeframe for when the aforementioned phones will get Android Q.

Editor’s Pick

Mate 20 Pro owners can get a taste of what’s to come with the phone’s Android Q beta program, which starts with Android Q beta 3 and was announced earlier this week. The main catch is that you must have released at least one app on the Google Play Store if you want to sign up for the Mate 20 Pro’s Android Q beta.

Keep in mind that Android Q beta 3 for the Mate 20 Pro is a mostly stock version of Android — you won’t find EMUI’s stylings anywhere. We’ll keep our eyes open for any information on the next version of EMUI.

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Source of the article – Android Authority