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Huawei was reinstated in the SD Association

It seems like Huawei is a member of the SD Association once again.

Loads of companies have ditched Huawei in light of a U.S. trade ban, but the government order has also affected the brand’s membership of standards bodies.

The SD Association ditched Huawei last week, quietly removing the company from its membership list before confirming the news to us. Now, it seems like there has been an about-turn by the standards body.

The SD Association’s membership list now includes the Chinese manufacturer once again. A Huawei representative confirmed the news to Android Authority, but declined to provide more details. We’ve also contacted the SD Association to confirm Huawei’s reinstatement, and will update the article when they get back to us.

Editor’s Pick

While we don’t have full details, this nevertheless suggests Huawei is cleared to use at least one integral technology standard in its upcoming devices. The company has its Nano Memory card solution, used in the likes of the P30 Pro, but it’s a proprietary format that’s not widely available or used by other brands.

Huawei still has plenty of other hurdles to overcome for upcoming devices, but at least one obstacle could be out of its way. What do you make of this news? Give us your thoughts below!

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Source of the article – Android Authority