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IFA 2019: All the release rumors in one place! (Updated August 16)

IFA Berlin 2018 logo outside of Messe, Berlin

Update, August 16, 2019 (10:05 AM ET): It looks like we could see a familiar device at IFA 2019: the Samsung Galaxy Fold. See the Samsung section below for more!

The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (translated as “International radio exhibition Berlin” but mostly known as IFA 2019) starts at the beginning of September. The consumer electronics trade show is one of the biggest in the world and usually hosts multiple smartphone announcements.

As we lead up to the crucial holiday season, nearly every major brand will use IFA 2019 as a launching pad not only for smartphones, but for tablets, laptops, headphones, and other electronic devices.

Last year, we saw the launch of the Sony Xperia XZ3, the Huawei Mate 20 Lite, the Honor Play, the BlackBerry Key2 LE, and many other interesting new phones. This year, we expect to see a few flagships, some mid-rangers, and who knows, maybe some big surprises.

Check out our rumor roundup below. This is all the credible info we could find on what the major manufacturers have planned for IFA 2019!

IFA 2019: Dates and important info

IFA 2019 starts on September 6, 2019, and ends five days later on September 11. The event happens at the Messe Berlin convention center in Berlin, Germany.

IFA 2019 will start on September 6 and run until September 11.

Although IFA is open to the public starting September 6, the press gets early access to the show. Therefore, the two dates prior to the opening — namely September 4 and 5 — are when many of the big announcements will happen.

However, there will likely be significant announcements the entire week leading all the way up to the official end of the show.


The LG G8X renders according to Onleaks and Pricebaba. OnLeaks/Pricebaba

We’ve seen renders leak online (see above) for what appears to be an iterative update to this year’s LG G8 ThinQ, possibly called the LG G8X. The two most notable things the renders suggest is the addition of a waterdrop notch and the addition of an in-display fingerprint sensor.

If that is the case, we expect the LG G8X to not be a new flagship-tier device from the company but rather a mid-ranger that shares a similar look to the LG G8. If LG were to push out a new “G” flagship, it is much more likely the design would be a bigger revamp.

LG only recently released the LG V50 ThinQ 5G, so it’s a pretty good bet we won’t see an update to the “V” series at IFA 2019.

Outside of those two families, LG could release some more budget-oriented models geared towards developing markets.


Sony Xperia 1 review rear glass

Sony usually has a huge presence at IFA. Last year, it launched the Sony Xperia XZ3 smartphone, which was its flagship device at the time.

This year, it’s more likely we’ll see a Sony Xperia Two launch, which would be the follow-up to the Sony Xperia One. We’ve seen rumors to suggest that this follow-up device could be 5G-capable, although that’s speculation at this point.

Outside of smartphones, it’s a good bet we’ll see some new Sony televisions, home appliances, and headphones at IFA 2019. Speaking of headphones, Sony missed out on releasing the WH-1000XM4 wireless headphones we expected in July of this year. It’s quite possible we’ll see those at IFA.


Although Huawei has had a very rough time since it was added to the U.S. government’s “Entity List” in May, that won’t stop the company from having a significant presence at IFA 2019. In fact, Richard Yu — the Huawei CEO of consumer business — will deliver the opening keynote presentation of the entire event.

Outside of the keynote speech though, it’s likely we’ll see some new Huawei products. We could see the Mate 30 Lite (considering we saw the Mate 20 Lite debut at least year’s event) and we could see the latest updates to Huawei’s line of Kirin smartphone processors. It’s also possible we could see the foldable Huawei Mate X device again, considering it is scheduled to launch at some point this year.

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As far as Honor goes — Huawei’s sub-brand — we could also see some new devices, although we haven’t seen any credible rumors for smartphones yet.

We also know that Huawei has some big TV ambitions in the works with its brand new operating system, Harmony OS. It’s very possible we could see some Huawei TVs at IFA 2019 or maybe some other Harmony-powered products.

We very likely won’t see the Huawei Mate 30 or Mate 30 Pro, though — those devices usually get their own special launch event.


A wall of Samsung TVs on display at the Samsung Experience Store in Long Island.

Samsung had a very busy July and August, launching three huge devices: the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. It even found time to also launch the Samsung Galaxy Book S, a Qualcomm-powered Windows laptop. As such, it’s highly unlikely we’ll see too many mobile products from Sammy at IFA 2019.

That being said, it’s totally possible we’ll see some other mid-range or even budget smartphones at the event, but we’re pretty sure we won’t see anything in the flagship category. However, there is a rumor that Samsung will bring along the Galaxy Fold to IFA. This would be significant because, for the first time, Samsung would allow attendees to actually use the device rather than only allow exclusives with members of the press. The Galaxy Fold is supposedly due to launch (for the second time) in September, so an appearance at IFA makes sense.

We certainly will see plenty of Samsung televisions, though. The company is trying to push 8K QLED sets as the “next big upgrade” for TV buyers. As such, we will likely see many new TVs on display during the conference.


Alleged render of the Motorola One Pro 1 Slashleaks

We have a good hunch that Motorola will launch the Motorola One Zoom (previously thought to be called the Motorola One Pro) at IFA 2019. The Motorola One Action has already been announced but it still could make an appearance during the event, too.

Although the Motorola One Zoom will likely have some high-end specs and features — including that quad-camera setup on the back — we’re not expecting it to be a flagship. It’s a shame, too, as we haven’t seen a bonafide flagship device from Motorola in quite a while, with even the latest entry in the Z series being firmly a mid-range product.

Also, even though the word “One” is in the name, we don’t expect the One Zoom to come with Android One. The One Action, though, works on the Android One platform.

HMD Global / Nokia

HMD Global — which owns the Nokia smartphone brand — has an event scheduled at IFA 2019, so we are pretty much certain that the company will launch a new Nokia-branded phone. However, which phone that might be we are not sure.

There are rumors circulating that the phone it will launch will have a triple-camera system on the rear. Since the biggest flagship from HMD is the Nokia 9 PureView — which has a quad-lens setup on the rear — this device will almost assuredly not be the Nokia 10.

Instead, it’s possible that this will be the first 5G device from HMD Global.


Acer Chromebook 714 and 715 progile

There will be a lot of companies at IFA 2019 that likely will not debut a new smartphone product. We know that Acer, Asus, Dell, and other computer companies will be there and likely debut new laptops and possibly Chromebooks.

We also know Fossil will be at the event, which means we could see some new smartwatches.

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Audio-focused companies — such as Sonos, Sennheiser, Harmon Kardon, and more — will also be at IFA. We will likely see new smart speakers, headphones, and other premium audio gear from these companies.

Finally, we also know that Qualcomm will be in attendance with Cristiano Amon — the company’s president — confirmed to host an event. As such, we could hear new information about 5G and upcoming Qualcomm mobile processors.

Those are all the credible IFA 2019 rumors we know about as of now. Be sure to bookmark this page as we will add more info as we find it!

Source of the article – Android Authority