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Learn a restaurant’s most popular dish with Google Maps

An image of two people dining out with one using Google Maps on their smartphone to photograph a popular dish.

It appears Google wants Google Maps to be the diner’s app-of-choice, as it seems more and more features are coming to the service that revolve around going out to eat. Case in point: today, Google Maps is launching a new tool to find a restaurant’s most popular dish.

Previously, you could visit a restaurant’s listing within Google Maps and find reviews as well as photos of dishes (as well as the restaurant’s decor). However, Maps will now use machine learning to determine from those photos and reviews which dishes are the most popular at that restaurant, making it easier for diners to find the “best of the best” at that establishment.

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Additionally, Maps will translate reviews written in a foreign language, an essential tool for the traveling diner. Can’t read the menu? The new features within Google Lens will help you out there, too.

Check out the GIF below to see these new features in action:

For this popular dish feature to work well, Google will need photos of dishes as well as reviews of the restaurants. Next time you dine out, remember to snap a pic of your meal and throw it into Maps to help future diners find a terrific dinner — or avoid an awful one.

Download Google Maps below if you haven’t already.

Source of the article – Android Authority