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Mobile MMO Talion hits the Play Store later this month — Pre-registration open now

The field of mobile MMORPGs will get a little wider later this month with the worldwide release of Talion. The action-packed game saw a limited Asian release in 2018, and will hit the Google Play Store on May 28. 

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In the world of Talion, there are two factions vying for supremacy: Aegis and Bident. Players choose a faction and battle against the other alliance in open 3D environments. Player versus player combat is a major focus of the game, and can be 1v1, 5v5, or even 20v20.

The game’s most unique PvP mode, Occupy, pits two teams of 20 against each other in a huge arena with catapults and capture points. Even PvE raid bosses have an element of PvP, as both alliances can try to take the boss down at the same time while trying to defend against other players.

Talion MMORPG featured

Talion is built on the Unity engine, and features some excellent graphics for a mobile game. These are highlighted in the robust character creation options, which allow you to fully customize your in-game avatar with 48 different components to personalize.

The game is free-to-play, so expect many of the same monetization options found in other mobile MMORPGs, such as premium currencies and an in-game item shop. There is an autoplay option for single player as well, which could be a sticking point for some players.

Talion will hit the Play Store on May 28, but you can pre-register now to collect all kinds of in-game rewards. The include in-game currencies, mounts, and even rare weapons. Preregister on the official website, or click the button below to preregister on the Play Store.

Source of the article – Android Authority