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New Lenovo Smart Display 7 launches at a discounted price

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At IFA 2019, Lenovo announced the latest entry in its line of Google Assistant-powered smart displays: the Lenovo Smart Display 7. Now, the device is finally available, and Lenovo is selling it exclusively on B&H for a discounted price.

The device will typically retail for $129, but right now it’s available for $99 for a limited time. Not only does the device come with a $30 discount, but customers who pick up the Lenovo Smart Display 7 will also get a free Lenovo Wi-Fi smart plug. Between the discounted smart display and free smart plug, customers will save $60 on this exclusive deal.

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There are already several great smart displays on the market, some of which include Lenovo’s previous offerings — the Lenovo Smart Display 8 and Smart Display 10. The Smart Display 7 rounds out the lower end of the company’s devices, offering a cheaper option for budget-minded consumers. That doesn’t mean the device is low quality, especially since it directly competes with Google’s 7-inch Nest Hub.

If you are in the market for a Google power smart display, look no further than Lenovo’s Smart Display 7. It is both a seamless addition to many current setups and a great place for people just venturing into smart home tech to get started. Plus, this deal comes just in time for the holidays.

Lenovo Smart Display 7 Lenovo’s newest addition to its line of smart displays.
The design and size of Lenovo’s Smart Display 7 allow it to easily fit nearly anywhere throughout the house. It’s sleek, modern, and it’s powered by Google Assistant, so it seamlessly integrates into most smart home setups.

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