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New Twitter for Android update causes crashing upon launch

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Update, January 22 2020 (6:29AM ET): Well, that was quick. Several Twitter users have confirmed there’s a new update available on the Play Store that fixes the Twitter app’s crashing.

In other words, if you were unlucky enough to download the sketchy update, then you should definitely check the Play Store for this new update. Otherwise, you can check out a few other solutions in the original article below.

Original article, January 22 2020 (6:14AM ET): Have you recently updated the Twitter app, only to find it now crashes when you try to launch it? It’s not a problem with your phone, as Twitter has confirmed a major bug with the latest version of the Android app.

The platform said it was investigating the issue, confirming that the latest version of the Twitter app crashes immediately after tapping it. Twitter has also called on users to refrain from downloading the latest update if they haven’t done so yet (just another argument in favor of disabling automatic app updates).

Already downloaded this new update? Well, several users report that clearing the Twitter app’s data and cache solves the issue. This can be done by tapping Settings > Apps > Twitter > Storage. From here, tap Clear Data and Clear Cache. These instructions might vary slightly for different phones.

Some users have reported that clearing the cache and data/storage doesn’t solve the problem, but noted that uninstalling and reinstalling the Twitter app seems to have done the trick. Either way, the Twitter Lite app and mobile website still seem to work just fine, so those are viable options as well if your device is still affected.

Have you been affected by this issue? Give us the details as well as any other workarounds below!

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Source of the article – Android Authority