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OnePlus phones are deleting speed dial contacts, for some reason

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If your OnePlus phone is deleting speed dial contacts each day, you’re not alone — many have taken to an eight-page thread on OnePlus’ forums to complain about the same thing.

No one knows how the issue came to be, but people have complained about it since January. Some believe that only newly-added contacts are being deleted — speed dial contacts brought over from previous phones seemingly aren’t affected by the issue.

Speed dial contacts deleted on a OnePlus phone. OnePlus forums

Based on comments, any OnePlus phone running any 9.0.x build could be affected. Also affected are OnePlus phones going back to the OnePlus 3 and as recent as the OnePlus 6T.

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The good news is that OnePlus is aware of the issue and expects to issue a fix in the next update. Android Authority reached out to OnePlus for comment, but didn’t hear back by press time.

In the meantime, some have brought up clearing cache from your OnePlus phone’s recovery mode. Another option is to sign up for your phone’s Open Beta, which might not be showing the issue. The second option is riskier, since you’d be running beta software on what is likely your primary phone.

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Source of the article – Android Authority