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Pay what you want for the Coding 101 bundle

The Coding 101 Bundle

Strong coding skills are the first step in the climb to a successful tech career. The question is: where do you find that first step? Get started with the Pay What You Want: Coding 101 Bundle and launch a new career faster.

Whether it’s apps, software, or websites, programmers are at the heart of almost any tech project, and it’s easier than ever to join them. Whether your goal is your own startup or joining a Fortune 500 company, the Coding 101 bundle will get you started. You can gain basic experience with Javascript, Github, Ruby on Rails, and many more common programming languages.

This deal is different to many of the deals we find, but it packs everything you need to start learning how to code. It’s called the Pay What You Want: Coding 101 bundle and it can be yours for as little as $1. How exciting would it be to learn a new skill and develop a new career, all starting with just one dollar?

The Coding 101 Bundle:Coding 101 bundle

Here’s how the bundle works: You choose your price and no matter what you choose, you get access to jQuery for Beginners. The course retails for $199, so if you spend just $1 you’re saving over 99%.

If you want to grab all ten courses in the Coding 101 bundle with a combined retail value of nearly $2,000, all you have to do is beat the average price. The average is front and center on the deal page, and right now it’s below $12. The price will temporarily lock once you’re on the page but it won’t stay for long.

Over 1,700 bundles have already been purchased and the price is rising. Don’t let it get any higher; hit the button below and get started.

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