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Pay what you want to master digital marketing

pwyw digital marketing

The marketing game isn’t Jon Hamm in Mad Men anymore. It’s mainly online now, and digital marketing is the way of the world.

Think about the ads you see on Facebook and YouTube. They can be very effective, but someone had to put in the time to develop the whole campaign from scratch. You can start learning how they do with the Pay What You Want: Digital Marketing bundle.

From Twitter to LinkedIn and everything in between.

Every big business relies on a skilled digital marketing presence. This beginner-friendly bundle features instructions on marketing in social networks from Twitter to LinkedIn and everything in between.

This bundle is unique compared to many of the other deals we find though. It includes 10 learning kits that you need to start a digital marketing career, but you get to name your price for the lot.

The Digital Marketing lineup:

The Digital Marketing Certification Training Bundle

Here’s how the pay what you want aspect works: You choose your price, and no matter how low you go you get access to the LinkedIn Business Certificate and the Become a Social Media Influencer lessons. Each one has a value of $338, so you could be saving nearly $700, which is pretty awesome.

If you want all 10 digital marketing courses with a combined retail value of over $3,300, all you have to do is beat the average price. The average is displayed right in front of you, and it temporarily locks once you’re on the page. Right now the price is around $11, but it won’t stay that way for very long. 

Over 500 bundles have already been purchased, so the average price just keeps rising. Hit the button below before it gets any higher.

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