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Pixel 3’s battery may suffer from the same issues as the Nexus 6P’s

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Anyone who had a Nexus 6P may remember that a few serious issues plagued the device. Now, one of those issues may also be affecting some Pixel 3 devices. Users have been reporting their Pixel 3 smartphones are randomly shutting down when their battery life falls somewhere below 30%.

Reports originally sprang up earlier this April on Google’s support pages, but recently more reports have surfaced on Reddit. What’s interesting about this issue is that no two cases appear to be the same.

Some users report their devices will suddenly shut down without warning. Other Pixel 3 owners claim they can watch their battery percentage slowly trickle down until it reaches 0%. Thankfully, the issue doesn’t look like it’s as widespread as the Nexus 6P’s problems were.

It took Google several years and a lawsuit to make up for their Nexus 6P battery shortcomings. Hopefully, it won’t take nearly as long to sort these issues out this time and that Google learned from its mistakes in how to handle these types of situations.

We have reached out to Google regarding these Pixel 3 battery issues and will update this article as we learn more.

Do you have a Google Pixel 3? Does it suffer from any sort of battery issues? Let us know in the comments below.

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Source of the article – Android Authority