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Price drop! Get VPNSecure lifetime access for just $34.99

More and more people, including me, are surfing the net with a VPN. Services such as VPNSecure make your browsing far more secure and anonymous.

You may not be aware of how much information you’re handing out to total strangers while you’re browsing, or how vulnerable the data you send is to hackers.

Your internet service provider, for instance, knows about every site you visit and every click you make. Websites you peruse know your location. Hackers can intercept your log-in details as you bank online.

Anonymous, fast, and reliable.

VPN’s have a variety of powerful uses, including encrypting your connection and masking your location. Hackers can’t access your data and no one knows about your internet activity.

It’s not all about protection either. You can use a VPN to change the region from which you appear to be accessing the internet. This can let you stream content from other countries, or get local prices for things like airplane tickets.

VPNSecure Lifetime Wide

This is the tip of the iceberg, but some VPNs are better than others. VPNSecure is a well-reviewed VPN provider with servers in 47 countries and counting. Unlike many VPN services, it also doesn’t keep logs of your activity.

Even if the government wanted your records, your browsing history is gone forever.

VPNSecure at a glance:

  • Bypass geolocation blocks on your favorite streaming services.
  • Encrypt your traffic so hackers can’t access your data.
  • Hide your location and IP address.
  • Connect five devices simultaneously.
  • No activity logs are kept.
  • Servers in 47 countries and counting.

As with many fast and reliable VPN providers, VPNSecure is usually $10 per month. You can sign up for a year for $80, but it still all adds up. However, today you can do much better.

Tech deals has a promotion on VPNSecure right now, allowing you to pick up lifetime access for just $34.99.

Don’t go unprotected any longer. The button below takes you to the deal.

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Source of the article – Android Authority