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Price drop! Lifetime Koofr Cloud Storage is 93% off

Koofr Cloud Storage

Access to cloud storage is like having your hard drive everywhere with you, only far more safe and convenient. With Koofr cloud storage, you’ll never have to worry about losing your precious files to viruses, theft, malfunctions, or other disasters.

Dropbox and iCloud are two of the most popular cloud storage services around, but their monthly plans can quickly rack up a menacing bill. For a one-time payment of just $35.99, you can get lifetime access to the Koofr Cloud Storage 100GB plan and enjoy the same perks.

If you already have existing accounts with other cloud services like Google Drive and OneDrive, you can easily connect them all to Koofr. This creates a central hub for all your important files without having to switch accounts, with the added benefit of unlimited file upload, access, and sharing.

Easily connect all your current cloud accounts to Koofr.

A handy feature Koofr offers is the duplicate finder tool for searching and removing unwanted duplicate files inside your account. You can also manage your files and account with its advanced renaming and link appearance customization options.

Of course, everything is fully encrypted, and your data is securely transferred over TLS/SSL on Koofr’s servers. There’s also a seven-day trash recovery for any accidental deletion.

Koofr Cloud Storage at a glance:

  • Upload, access, and share any file with no size limit.
  • Connect to external cloud accounts and access all your files.
  • Find and remove unnecessary duplicate files with Koofr Duplicate Finder.
  • Access files on your remote computer with the Koofr Desktop App.
  • Rename multiple files with the advanced renaming option.

Koofr values its lifetime subscription model at $540, which means if you pay $35.99 with this deal you’ll save 93%.

If you need more or less space, check out the other various storage options over at Tech Deals. For example, the 250GB option, worth over $1,000, is on offer for just $69.99.

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Source of the article – Android Authority