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Protect your MacBook with a Beepify Alarm from under $20

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A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. If you ever work in public places, protecting your MacBook should be a priority. It only takes a couple of ill-timed minutes for a potential thief to snatch it up.

Defend your computer with Beepify, an award-winning app designed to safeguard your most valuable possession.

Apple products are pricey — even in the Google Express sale today — and losing your personal data can be even more costly. This app is your protection against losing irreplaceable files.

Beepify is designed to protect your MacBook from potential thieves.

Simple activate Beepify is with two quick clicks before you leave. If anyone decides to close the laptop screen, disconnect the power charger, or both, a loud siren sounds. It alerts everyone in the area and prevents the thief from slipping away unnoticed.

It’s a simple and effective solution.

Beepify also sends you an immediate Facebook notification to warn you.

The Beepify Laptop Alarm at a glance:

  • Plays a super loud alarm whenever somebody tries to steal your Mac
  • Notifies you via Facebook Messenger whenever an alarm is triggered
  • Activated with two simple clicks when you leave your computer

Save yourself from future headaches by getting a lifetime subscription to Beepify, now on offer from $299.95 to just $39.99. That’s a whopping $260 savings. You can even try it for a year for only $19.99.

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