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Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM platform — Get certified for just $20

The Salesforce Certification Training Bundle

Salesforce is the world’s leading customer relationship management tool. It allows a business to be run from a smartphone, and specialists in this software can command very lucrative salaries indeed.

If you want to become a guru, all you need is the Salesforce Certification Training Bundle. Not only does it train you to be a Salesforce wizard, but it also gets you fully prepped for the certification exams.

What can Salesforce do?

Salesforce is a cloud-based business platform. It’s a whole user interface that links sales, marketing, services, customer support, and so on. Any employee can interact with customers directly from their device.

Every aspect of business becomes more streamlined, effective, and efficient. It’s how business should be done, which is why certification can give you a competitive edge.

A huge list of household names have Salesforce at the core of their business, including Unilever, the Financial Times, Barclays, Eurostar, Electronic Arts, and Philips.

What’s in the bundle?

Salesforce Certification Training Bundle

Given the widespread use of this platform, it’s surprising how few people are trained and certified to use it. There’s a real shortage of Salesforce talent in the market, so by becoming certified, you can open doors to some real opportunities.

The $910 total value might be the corporate asking price, but for the next few days, you can enroll for just $19.99. You get lifetime access too, so you can work through it at your leisure. Over 3,000 people have already enrolled.

The offer ends soon, so if you like the look of this opportunity, hit the button below to find out more about it.

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