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Samsung Galaxy Fold durability exceeds expectations…kind of

Popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything is at it again, and this time, he terrorizes the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. Zack Nelson, the man behind the channel, takes the new foldable smartphone through his typical durability tests only to come to an interesting conclusion.

At first, the unboxing and first impressions of this Korean variant of the device are good. The box is sleek, it comes with included Galaxy Buds, and the device’s overall build quality feels solid and premium.

It’s once Nelson starts digging into the display that we start to see how delicate the Galaxy Fold really is. Nelson was able to damage the screen beyond repair with nothing but his fingernail since the device needs a soft plastic display in order to fold properly.

The unboxing and first impressions of the device are good.

From there, we see that no matter how nice the folding hinge feels, it still does nearly nothing to keep dust and dirt out. After putting some sand on top of the display, it somehow found its way inside the device, creating a permanent and obnoxious grinding noise when the device is folded and unfolded.

Just moments later, Nelson accidentally damages the display again with a razor, rendering the top fifth of the device incapable of receiving touch input. His Samsung Galaxy Fold now has a permanent white bar across the disabled area where the pixels were destroyed, and he wasn’t even trying.

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Up until this point, this premium device looked like there was no way it could pass his destructive shenanigans. But once Nelson tried to fold the device in the opposite direction during his bend test, Samsung’s high-quality engineering really surprised him. Nelson was not able to bend the phone backward, no matter how hard he tried.

We can see that the Samsung Galaxy Fold definitely has its strengths amid some glaring durability issues. The display is incredibly delicate, the phone is not water or dust resistant in the slightest, but the build quality of the device is superb.

The Galaxy Fold definitely has its strengths amid some glaring durability issues.

The glass covering the front, back, and cameras is as durable as you would expect. The metal frame around the device is sturdy. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s durability fared better than some expected. Honestly, it looks like the device really can be a daily driver as long as the user treats it properly.

Just don’t take it anywhere near sand or dirt, don’t push on the display with anything sharper than your finger, and don’t put it in the same pocket as anything other than a microfiber cloth. Better yet, just stay at home. It’s not worth possibly ruining your unbelievably expensive smartphone just do something pointless like socialize or go outside.

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