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Samsung Galaxy S11e rumored to sport 5G connectivity

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According to some leaked Chinese 3C certification papers, next year’s Samsung Galaxy S11e — also called the SM-G9810 — could support 5G. The information popped up this morning on shoddy site IndiaShopps, so take this news with a grain of salt.

The leaked information also states the device should support 25W fast charging, an increase from the Galaxy S10e‘s 15W charging. Though that’s nice, the exciting news is the potential inclusion of 5G connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy S11e 5G rumored specs listIndiaShopps

The only Samsung Galaxy S device this year to get 5G support was the Galaxy S10 5G, which was the most expensive device of the lot. Bringing 5G support to the “budget” version of the line would be quite the treat indeed. And with the likes of Qualcomm bringing 5G to mid-range devices next year, this wouldn’t be a total surprise.

We can’t stress this enough — none of this is certain. But if the Galaxy S11e does support 5G, it logically makes sense that all Galaxy S11 devices would support it as well. No matter how much we would like to see this come true, it’s all speculation at this point.

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Source of the article – Android Authority