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Samsung is still ‘enhancing’ the Galaxy Fold, assumes you want to cancel order

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It’s been a pretty quiet few weeks for the Samsung Galaxy Fold, as the company investigates several defects reported by reviewers. The Korean company has reportedly issued an update this week though.

In an email sent to pre-order customers (obtained by Droid-Life), Samsung noted that it was “making progress in enhancing” the foldable phone.

“This means that we cannot confirm the anticipated ship date yet,” the Korean firm explains. The lack of a shipping date suggests the company simply needs more time to carry out required changes, or that it’s still investigating defects.

Samsung Galaxy Fold email obtained by Droid Life. Droid-Life

The email also calls for customers to tap a button to ensure they keep their Galaxy Fold pre-order. “If we do not hear from you and we have not shipped by May 31st your order will be cancelled automatically,” reads an excerpt of the message.

We’re glad to see the firm providing an update of sorts to consumers, although the automatic pre-order opt-out is a little strange. After all, what if you don’t have access to your email for whatever reason? Samsung will simply assume you don’t want a device you’ve pre-ordered anyway. Users have roughly four weeks to respond to the email though, so that should be plenty of time to make a decision.

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The delay comes after several reviewers reported issues with Galaxy Fold sample units. Several users accidentally peeled off an integral screen layer on the foldable phone, while a few others reported completely broken main screens.

Hopefully Samsung’s changes are enough to prevent any more serious issues with the Galaxy Fold. Are you still interested in the device? Let us know in the comments.

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Source of the article – Android Authority