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Samsung to release Galaxy A70s this month with a 64MP camera upgrade

Samsung Galaxy A70 camera module

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy A70 was a pretty great phone that was let down by mediocre camera performance. That could change this month with Samsung ready to release the upgraded version of the device: the Samsung Galaxy A70s.

Samsung will apparently release the A70s in India in just a matter of weeks. SamMobile reports that the device’s camera will be upgraded from the A70’s 32MP sensor to a 64MP sensor as we previously expected.

This would be the first time that one of the cameras on Samsung’s handsets would breach the 48MP mark. We don’t know much else about the sensor, but it’s sure to provide a decent upgrade over the A70’s lackluster camera.

The Galaxy A70s should also come in two variants, and its design will look similar to the already released Galaxy A30s and A50s. The device should also come with the Snapdragon 675 SoC, 6GB of RAM, and pricing should be around Rs. 30,000 (~$422).

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Other than that, there isn’t much more leaked information about the Samsung Galaxy A70s release or device specifications yet. Maybe it’s because this is only going to be an incremental upgrade over Samsung’s current Galaxy A70. Or maybe it’s because everyone is too busy with the Pixel 4 to leak anything else.

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Source of the article – Android Authority