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Samsung’s clamshell foldable could be actually affordable

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A few months ago, we got word that Samsung was working on a new flip phone-style foldable slated to launch next year. Later, we caught a potential glimpse of the device at Samsung’s Developer Conference. Now, thanks to The Korea Herald, we’ve learned a couple more details about the device.

Unlike Samsung’s first foldable — the Galaxy Fold — next year’s vertical clamshell foldable shouldn’t break the bank. Industry sources expect the device to retail for around $845 instead of the Galaxy Fold’s near-$2,000 price tag in an effort to increase device sales.

Samsung is aiming this clamshell model at the mass market, and we expect it to launch February 2020, presumably at Mobile World Congress. The Korean tech company also seems to be planning a global release of the Galaxy Fold by then.

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Samsung will likely launch the Galaxy Fold in approximately 60 more countries, including Vietnam, New Zealand, Brazil, Chile, Italy, the Netherlands, and Greece, with a potential follow-up device coming Q3 2020. Samsung hopes this strategy will earn it around 6 million foldable device sales next year and 20 million by 2021.

If Samsung ends up releasing its clamshell-style foldable for sub-$900, it will massively undercut the Motorola Razr, a similar style foldable device that will retail for around $1,500. We expect these two devices will provide some stiff competition for each other, especially since many people seem to prefer clamshell-style foldable design over the horizontally folding one.

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Source of the article – Android Authority