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Spotify adds sleep timers to its Android app

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Seemingly out of nowhere, Spotify has added a sleep timer to its Android app (via Android Police). A similar feature has been available for iOS users for quite some time, so its addition is welcome to us who use Google’s mobile operating system. 

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To access Spotify’s sleep timers, first start playing a song — you will need the Now Playing page to be showing. From there, tap on the overflow menu button (three dots) in the top right corner. Lastly, scroll down the list and locate the Sleep timer option. You can now choose to pause the music app after one of the set periods of time or after the end of the given track. 

Follow the below screenshots if you get lost.

Spotify for Android Screenshot Now Playing
Spotify for Android Screenshot Overflow Menu
Spotify for Android Screenshot Sleep Timers

The feature appears to be live on version of the Spotify app. This is likely to be rolling out server side, so it might not yet be live on your device. 

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