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Take a shortcut to the Play Store with app reskinning

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Remember in school when you would use example projects to help get started on your own? Well, you can do the same in the world of app building, and its commonly called app reskinning.

Done legally, there’s nothing wrong with standing on the shoulders of giants. You can learn how to do it with Android App Reskinning for Fun and Profit. This $90 learning kit is on offer for just $19 this week.

Add or remove features and truly make an app your own creation.

Now, it’s important to understand the legal process of reskinning. It consists of taking the source code from an existing app and altering the look, such as the images and visuals. That means you have to make sure you’re permitted to use the source code before you go about changing it. For example, you can get in on the glory that was Flappy Bird without writing code of your own.

This learning kit teaches you how to start reskinning legally. It’s an easy way to start publishing apps if you’re not able to spend the big bucks hiring a development team. You might be simply putting your own face on an open-source app, or you can modify the code to add or remove features and make it much more bespoke to your needs.

App reskinning at a glance:

  • Study advanced topics like ASO, graphics editing, and sound editing.
  • Have fun and make money reskinning Android apps.
  • Save money creating apps from scratch by legally modify an existing one.
  • Learn to publish your apps and attract millions of potential users on the Play Store.

The Android Apps Reskinning for Fun and Profit bundle has a retail value of $90, but it can be yours now for just $19. It’s faster than learning to code from scratch and as long as you do it legally it can be very lucrative.

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Source of the article – Android Authority