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The 10 best digital photo frames to gift this holiday season

Aluratek Digital Photo FrameAluratek

Nothing beats seeing a photograph materialize into a print, framing it, and mounting it on your wall. It’s an experience that will live on, but digital photo frames also deserve a spot in your home. These are convenient, easy to use, can display or rotate through many images, and some even include video playback, among other features.

With technology advancing so quickly, things like dynamic range, color accuracy, and definition are becoming less of an issue, but it’s true there are still plenty of really bad digital photo frames out there. You will need help finding the right one, so we have curated a list with some of the best digital photo frames around.

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the best digital photo frames regularly as new devices launch.

1. Nixplay Iris

Nixplay Iris digital photo frame

You will notice a trend in this list: I prefer digital frames that look like traditional photo frames. The Nixplay Iris has a contemporary photo frame aesthetic, but offers all the benefits of a modern gadget. It has an 8-inch IPS display for improved color accuracy, and the 1,024 x 768 definition keeps resolution pretty crisp.

Images and 15-second videos can be uploaded wirelessly, using the Android or iOS apps. You can synchronize Google Photos, and even allow friends and family to add images to your frame. The device can connect to Alexa, which makes it possible to request specific playlists via voice commands. Furthermore, the device has sensors that will make sure content is only being shown when people are in the room.

The Nixplay Iris is a great digital photo frame, but like many other good digital frames, it will come at a hefty price. It costs $179.99 from Amazon.

2. Nixplay Seed Ultra

Nixplay Seed Ultra digital photo frame

The Nixplay Seed Ultra is for those who want something a bit more featureful. This digital picture frame features a 10-inch 2,048 x 1,536 display for crisper images. The frame can be synced to Google Photos, as well as Dropbox, Facebook, and Instagram. You can use the included remote and Android/iOS apps to control it, or even send images through email, making it possible for family members to collaborate. The frame can also be controlled via Alexa, so you can request specific playlists via voice commands.

The unit comes with sensors that can tell whether someone is in the room or not, for saving energy when the house is alone. All these features and improved hardware will cost you $219.99 from Amazon.

3. Pix-Star 15-inch

Pix Star 15 inch digital photo frame

Pix-Star digital photo frames come in multiple sizes, so we are switching things up by adding the 15-inch version to this list. Though this one is not as pretty or classic-looking as the other best digital photo frames, it is a great option when smaller photo frames are just not enough.

The 15-inch LED display comes with a 1,024 x 768 resolution, which isn’t great, but it also isn’t bad for appreciating images from a good distance. Especially considering you get a much larger screen for just $199.99. Extra features include a remote, 8GB of internal storage, support for USB/SD cards, iOS/Android apps, email sharing, and motion sensors.

4. Nix Lux

Nix Lux 8 inch digital photo frame

The Nix Lux is likely the best photo frame in this list, for those of us who like the classic look of wood. It doesn’t get more traditional than this for digital photo frames. It doesn’t use Wi-Fi, so you will have to depend on USB drives and SD cards to display your images. The screen has a 16:10 ratio, which is a little odd considering most camera sensors have a 3:4 ratio. The 8-inch IPS screen has a 1,280 x 800 resolution.

You may not get the most features with this one, but the digital frame looks gorgeous and costs $129.99.

5. Skylight Frame

Skylight Frame digital photo frame

The Skylight Frame has a gallery-style design with white borders around the image. It is made to look simple and elegant, and the same philosophy is applied to its operation. You add images to the frame via email, and there are no other bells and whistles to worry about. Other features include 8 GB of storage and a 10-inch 1,280 x 800 IPS display. Nice and simple.

6. Aura Frames Digital Picture Frame

Aura Frames Digital Picture Frame

The Aura Frames Digital Picture Frame is also expensive at $199, but it’s still one of the best digital photo frames out there. Its design is gorgeous and classic, while the Full HD resolution should keep images crisp and clear.

Aura uses its own cloud storage service to keep your image slideshows easily accessible and manageable. This service is free and the company claims you can store over 100,000 images in it. Other features include the ability to manage the frame via the Android/iOS apps, as well as Alexa compatibility.

7. Aluratek (ADPFD10F) 10-Inch Digital Photo Frame

Aluratek ADPFD10F digital photo frame

Digital photo frames can’t look more classic than the Aluratek 10-inch Digital Photo Frame. Its wooden aesthetic is timeless, and the company has added a gallery-style white border. You will also love the $79.99 price tag.

Of course, some corners had to be cut to achieve this price point. Screen resolution is slightly lower at 1,024 x 600. In addition, you don’t get fancy apps, Wi-Fi connectivity, or any other cool features. Instead, you can use a USB flash drive or an SD card to get your images on the photo frame.

8. Tenswall Digital Photo Frame

Tenswall Digital Photo Frame

Those looking for something both affordable and functional should take a look at the Tenswall Digital Photo Frame. It looks like a plain frame with black borders, but it has some cool features you otherwise only see in more expensive units. The screen resolution is not bad at 1,280 x 800, and it sports an IPS display for better color accuracy.

The frame can be controlled with an infrared remote. Though it has no app, you can use the USB, MMC, SD, MS, and SDHC ports to get images to the device. Background music, video, and calendar support make this $79.99 digital photo frame is look like a steal.

9. BSIMB Digital Picture Frame

BSIMB Digital Picture Frame

If I had to find a balance between aesthetics, value, and functionality at a very low price, I would probably go for the BSIMB Digital Picture Frame. This device has a 9-inch 1,067 x 800 IPS display, a motion sensor, a remote, and a classic look with a wooden texture that looks gorgeous.

It doesn’t have an app either, but has plenty of support for photo, video, and audio. You can use USB, SD, and Mini USB ports to get content into the frame. Not bad for just $69.99.

10. Philips 8-inch Digital Photo Frame

Phillips 8 inch Digital Photo Frame

This is the cheapest photo frame of the bunch at just $40.12 from Amazon, but it is no slouch. For starters, it comes from renowned brand Philips. It has an 8-inch screen, remote control, and a timeless brown wood look with a white border around the screen.

Features are lacking and you can only get images into the frame using a USB flash drive or SD card, but it will display images beautifully at a low price.

Although its primary function isn’t a photo frame, we’d also like to recommend the Google Nest Hub ($99 at B&H). It’s a smart speaker, digital photo frame, and a smart display rolled into one!

The best digital photo frames in this list only get better with time, as you shoot more gorgeous images and build memories to show off. It’s a great investment for the new-generation photographer and memoir collector.

Source of the article – Android Authority