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The 10 best side hustle jobs to make extra money

best side hustle jobs

The economy is not at its best and a single job may not be enough to keep one financially afloat. Making ends meet often requires picking up a side hustle. The rise of the internet and advancements in tech have the gig economy booming, so today we are telling you about the best side hustle jobs you can do to make extra money.

The best side hustle jobs:

What is a side hustle job?

Side hustle means exactly what the name entails; it refers to a job you do to get extra money, aside from your main source of income. Side hustle jobs are good for anyone struggling to live on their current income (or lack thereof). A recent Bankrate survey tells us a third of side hustle workers do it just to cover their basic expenses.

Many of the best side hustles listed here can be full-time jobs too. Taking on multiple side hustles, as opposed to a single job, has become much more popular. This can grant workers the freedom to work on their own terms and time, while also giving them the liberty to pursue other goals.

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A struggling musician could easily take on one of these best side hustles by day and practice with the band at night. Side gigs can also help students make ends meet during college, and missing some days to study for midterms won’t get them in trouble with a boss. Furthermore, those who suddenly find themselves unemployed can take on these side hustles to survive until they find something stable. These are just a few examples of how the best side hustle jobs can be beneficial.

1. Ridesharing

Uber Black driver standing next to carUber

Ridesharing has become a popular side gig, and it comes as no surprise given the benefits and freedom it offers. Ridesharing apps allow you to drive people from point A to point B, essentially becoming their private transportation or personal taxi. It’s a service many need, and while it might not pay your bills (unless you work mad hours), it can get you the extra cash you need.

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The most popular ridesharing apps are Uber and Lyft. You can check out their websites to learn more about the system and sign up to drive for these apps.

2. Food delivery

Uber Eats delivery manUber

Those who would rather not have random strangers hopping in and out of their vehicle all day can opt to become delivery drivers. This might also be a better bet for those with slightly older cars, or vehicles that don’t meet ridesharing minimum requirements. The best part is you might not even need a car, as this service can be provided using a scooter, motorcycle, or bicycle (check requirements per service).

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Delivering food and other items is more labor-intensive. The job requires going to stores and making purchases for others (mostly food). Everything is done through an app and all services have educational courses for getting started with your new side gig. The best side hustles in the delivery market are Uber Eats and Postmates, but there are other great options out there.

3. Rent your car

There could be a good amount of extra income sitting in your driveway. Renting your car is one of the best side hustle jobs because you don’t have to do much to cash in. You just have to be willing to let others use your vehicle.

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Apps like Turo and Getaround facilitate car rentals by acting as the mediator between owners and renters. Both offer a one million dollar insurance for every trip, so you can be sure you won’t be left stranded should anything happen to your car.

4. Rent your house

Yosemite house listed on AirbnbAirbnb

Homes in highly desired areas can be great money makers. People are willing to pay a pretty penny for a place to stay, and shelter is a necessity. What’s best is you can rent single rooms in a home, so you might not have to sleep elsewhere while letting your home make money for you!

The most popular home rental service is Airbnb. Renting your home requires some work, as you have to keep guests happy and the place clean. You must tidy up the place, change towels, and make sure the place is always in comfortable living conditions. It’s still a very profitable gig, though, as well as one of the best side hustles around.

5. Pet sitting and walking

Furry companions are great friends, but also huge responsibilities. They require attention, love, money, and time. People with busy schedules don’t always have the latter, so they hire pet sitters and walkers to keep their animals happy. This is where you come in.

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One of the best side hustle jobs is keeping dogs company while owners tend to their personal and professional matters. Websites like Rover and Wag! make the process of finding a reliable pet carer simple, while also creating a great source of extra income to pet sitters and walkers. Rover claims you can make up to $1,000 a month. If you have an appreciation for pets, walking them and caring for them is probably something you will enjoy too!

6. Dropshipping

Working Online Web Design

Dropshipping has become one of the best ways to start an online store, simply because all the hard work and expenses that come with starting a store are offloaded to a third party. When a customer buys a product from your online store, you then purchase it via a third party, which then ships the product to the customer. You would essentially be in charge of the storefront, marketing, social media, and customer service.

There is a sea of dropshipping services, suppliers, and tools to help you get started, but we will recommend a couple of our favorites.

Doba is popular for being a comprehensive dropshipping service that can be your one-stop-shop for products. They connect with a plethora of suppliers to make sure their catalog has anything you may want to sell. Shopify is another great option for those who want the dropshipping system simplified. Their system helps you from start to finish, including website building, store management, and marketing tools.

7. Become a blogger/vlogger/influencer

MNML case on smartphone with people taking a selfie

Being a content creator is one of the best side hustle jobs out there, but let’s start by telling you it won’t be quick and easy cash. For starters, you can’t really start blogging or making YouTube videos and start making money right away. Unless you are working for a content creation company, making money from blogging or creating videos is a numbers game. You will have to get a lot of views, followers, and subscribers, which takes time and quality content.

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Regardless, if you can make your brand grow and create content people want to consume, this can become a very lucrative business. Advertising pays well when you have a large audience. People create content about all kinds of topics — from ASMR to tutorials, reviews, short films, and more. If you have something cool to share with the world, go ahead and do it! It might make you good money in the long run.

You can use services like WordPress and YouTube to get started becoming an influencer.

8. Photography

Photography gear camera tripod reflector bag microfiber pen LED smartphone SD cards polarizers ND filters. 2

Becoming proficient in photography is no easy task; there is a lot of knowledge to learn and techniques to practice. Those of us with a keen eye for photography and the necessary knowledge can easily turn this hobby into one of the best side hustle jobs, though.

You can offer your services as a photographer for weddings, sweet sixteens, graduations, and many other events. Engagement photo shoots and infant photo sessions are very popular too. More advanced equipment and the technical know-how can also help you move into architectural, product, and commercial photography. In addition, you could try selling your images to stock photography websites like Getty Images, Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock, among others.

9. Sell handmade crafts

Personalized wooden box from EtsyEtsy

Talented arts and crafts artists can make a good buck on websites like Etsy. This page is dedicated to helping creators sell their custom products. These also tend to cost more than your average store products because of their handmade nature. Whether you know how to make nice jewellery, clothes, decoration, or other accessories, Etsy is one of the best side hustles to take a look at.

10. Freelancing services

Upwork app on smartphone

You can offer your services doing all kinds of jobs on websites like Upwork and Fiverr. These companies serve as the middle man between clients and freelancers, ensuring the completion of the work, as well as the payment. They are great for offering your specialized services, such as writing, editing, photography, coding, and more.

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Craigslist also serves as a great site to find odd jobs. You can help people move things with a truck, offer your freelancing services, post resumes, and more. What’s even better is that many of these gigs don’t require you have any special talents. Sometimes people just need help with random things.

Keep the cash coming with this list of the best side hustle jobs. There are plenty of other ways to make some extra cash, but these are the ones we feel are the most effective. We’ll update this list as more hustle avenues emerge over time.

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