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The best romance movies on Hulu

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For some, romance movies are like nothing else. Whether they’re in a relationship or single, the romantics among us get an immediate burst of emotional intensity from romance movies. Lucky for them, Hulu features a wide array of excellent romance movies.

Here’s our list of the best romance movies on Hulu.

Best romance movies on Hulu:

Editor’s note: We will update our list of the best romance movies on Hulu over time.

1. If Beale Street Could Talk

Having been friends their entire lives, Clementine “Tish” Rivers and Alonzo “Fonny” Hunt are looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together. It’s been a struggle for the couple to find an apartment in 1970s Harlem, but a sympathetic landlord offers them the start to their lives together.

However, the couple’s plans are derailed when Fonny is accused of a crime he didn’t commit. It’s up to Tish and her community to prove Fonny’s innocence and expose the abuses of power fighting against them.

Watch If Beale Street Could Talk

2. Bull Durham

Crash Davis isn’t getting any younger, but he’s been a catcher long enough to know the ropes. He also has a second role: to mentor young pitcher Nuke LaLoosh. Nuke can throw a mean fastball, but has no control over his pitches and lacks maturity.

Then there’s Annie Savoy, who limits her love affairs to just one season. After all, she’s only interested in the best minor league players. Crash and Annie realize they’re more than their roles, yet Nuke won’t sit by and just let things happen.

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3. Four Weddings and a Funeral

Charles and his group of friends continually attend weddings, yet they’re never the bride or groom. Even though Charles is hesitant of commitment, he’s determined to turn his love life around for the better.

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At one wedding, Charles meets Carrie and spend a memorable night together. They bump into each other over the next three weddings and a funeral, yet there’s always something stopping them from being together. Can they eventually make it work?

Watch Four Weddings and a Funeral

4. Drinking Buddies

Kate and Luke are co-workers at a Chicago craft brewery, where they spend their time flirting and drinking with each other. The two co-workers are very compatible with each other, except they’re already in relationships.

Whereas Luke is contemplating marriage with his girlfriend of six years, Kate is going steady with music producer Chris. Then again, you can always count on beer to blur the lines.

Watch Drinking Buddies

5. Up in the Air

Ryan Bingham has a depressing job: to fly around the country and fire people. However, he loves living out of his suitcase and wants to reach 10 million frequent flyer miles.

Things change when Natalie Keener is hired. According to Natalie, Ryan’s travels are unnecessary when you can just fire people using teleconferencing. Looking to prove her wrong, Ryan brings Natalie on the road with him. As Natalie learns the disheartening realities of her line of work, Ryan learns his way of life may not have been all that great.

Watch Up in the Air

6. Sixteen Candles

Normally, a sweet sixteen is a momentous occasion for kids and parents alike. Not so for Samantha Baker, whose parents completely forgot about her birthday. They’re too busy getting things ready for her sister’s upcoming wedding, after all.

At least Samantha has a crush at school who recognizes her existence. Wait. Nope. He doesn’t know she exists. Making matters worse, Samantha has to constantly rebuff the advances of the geekiest kid at school.

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7. The Wedding Plan

It’s taken a bit for Michal to be comfortable with the idea of marriage, but the 32-year-old is ready. Unfortunately, fate is not on her side as her fiance calls off the wedding with a month’s notice.

Instead of wallowing in her grief, Michal puts her trust in destiny and continues with her wedding plans. That means Michal only has one month to find Mr. Right and start her married life with him.

Watch The Wedding Plan

8. Much Ado About Nothing

Arriving back in his hometown of Messina, Claudio declares his love for Hero. Unfortunately for Claudio, fellow officer Benedick chides him for pronouncing his love to the governor’s daughter. Benedick is no innocent party, as he might realize he’s fallen for the governor’s niece.

All the while, Don John and his allies plot against Claudio and Hero. They will stop at nothing to ruin the couple’s marriage before it happens.

Watch Much Ado About Nothing

That was our list of the best romance movies on Hulu. We’ll update this list as more romantic flicks come to the service.

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