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The best Samsung Galaxy Fold cases

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold, with its foldable and flexible display, is also one of the most expensive smartphones ever released. Even with a cost of nearly $2,000, Samsung is urging people who buy the phone to take extra special care when using the device. Ironically, even with its high price and extra warnings on its use, Galaxy Fold cases are actually in short supply, at least at the moment.

samsung galaxy fold case

Samsung seems to be aware of this lack of third party Galaxy Fold cases, so the phone actually ships with one out of the box. This black cover is made of synthetic aramid fibers and is supposed to be of a slim design. However, there are a few other first and third-party Galaxy Fold cases you can currently buy if you are not happy with the default case. Here’s a look at the best current Samsung Galaxy Fold cases

Best Samsung Galaxy Fold cases

Editor’s note: We will update this post as more Galaxy Fold cases are released.

1. and 2. Official Galaxy Fold leather cases

samsung galaxy fold leather case

Samsung currently sells just one design for its Galaxy Fold cases. This official case is made of a premium calf leather, but it is still slim enough that the phone won’t feel bulky while in its folded state. Keep in mind that this case design does not cover the hinge in the back of the phone. Mobile Fun is selling the case in black and white colors, but be prepared to pay a lot for both of these products.

3. Spigen Thin Fit case

spigen thin case

Spigen was the first out of the gate with third-party Galaxy Fold cases. The cheapest of the lineup is the Thin Fit case. It’s made of a scratch-resistant PC material that’s designed to have a slim profile. Like the official Samsung cases, this Thin Fit case does not cover the hinge on this phone. It also exposes the power and volume buttons on the side.

4. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

spigen ultrs hybrid case

If you want to show off your new Galaxy Fold, consider getting this clear Ultra Hybrid case from Spigen for the phone. The transparent case is made of a durable PC material and comes with a TPU bumper that allows the phone to take shocks if it falls from a few feet. The hinge isn’t protected, but the buttons are covered. Also, the raised bezels on the screens and cameras help protect them from scratches.

5. Spigen Tough Armor case

spigen tough armor case

If you want some better protection for the Galaxy Fold, the Spigen Tough Armor case is for you. It’s also made of both TPU and polycarbonate materials, but it is thicker than the Ultra Hybrid model so it can withstand even more punishment. Also, the crucial hinge in the phone gets its own cover with this case, along with raised lips for the screens and cameras.

6. Urban Armor Gear Monarch

urban armor gear galaxy fold case

For the ultimate in protection, Urban Armor Gear is working on a rugged cover for the phone. It meets the military MIL STD 810G 516.6 rating for drop tests, meaning it should keep the phone working even if it falls from several feet in the air. There’s even more protection for the hinge for this case, and it also a water resistance non-slip coating as well.

As you can see, the current case lineup for the Galaxy Fold is not that extensive, but more are on the way from makers like Otterbox and Gear4.

Source of the article – Android Authority