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The Crowtail IoT Kit is a noob-friendly way to build gadgets

Crowtail NodeMCU Internet of Things Kit

Electronics are cool. If you’ve been curious about building your own gadgets but have no clue where to start, we may have something for you.

The Crowtail’s NodeMCU Internet of Things Kit holds your hand every step of the way as you dip your toes into the world of DIY electronics. Jam-packed in this kit are 30 different modules to indulge your curiosity. 

30 different modules to indulge your curiosity.

The comprehensive, user-friendly guide book contains a 19-step detailed process that will turn you into a tech whiz in no time. You can utilize the sample codes and handy software tools to maximize your IoT learning.

For those with some electronics knowledge under their belt, the NodeMCU also includes an ESP8266 Wi-Fi module with a Crowtail interface. Once you get the hang of things, creating laser pointers, moisture sensors, and more will become a cinch.

The Crowtail IoT Kit at a glance:

  • Create your own DIY electronics with 19 detailed lessons.
  • Learn how to create a laser pointer, a rainbow light, and a range of different sensors.
  • Access full example code as well as useful software tools.
  • Start building with a total of 30 modules inside the kit.

This could be your launchpad to creating more exciting projects. Robots? Lightsabers? Who knows.

To grab this great kit for just $89 hit the button below.

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Source of the article – Android Authority