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The Elder Scrolls: Blades update: Jewelry, new quests, and more in first major update

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Welcome to our The Elder Scrolls: Blades update hub! We’ll be collecting all of the official updates and new content as it’s added by Bethesda Game Studios. It’s too early to predict how often The Elder Scrolls: Blades updates will come out, so keep an eye on this page for the latest.

Below you’ll find the most recent update, followed by previous updates. If you haven’t installed TES Blades yet, just click the button below.

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The Elder Scrolls: Blades update 1.1 overview

Release date: June 9, 2019

As part of its E3 2019 event, Bethesda announced that The Elder Scrolls: Blades would receive its first major patch with new content and gameplay improvements. Plus, TES Blades now features new NPC voice acting, bringing it one (baby) step closer to the its PC counterpart.

TES Blades update 1.1 includes a new dragon quest line, jewelry, new jobs, solo arena battles, and more. The level cap has been increased, with new end game challenges added to keep things interesting. Check out the full patch list below for more details.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades update 1.1 patch notes



  • A fearsome Ancient Dragon has been rampaging throughout a small kingdom. Team up with a self-proclaimed “dragonslayer” and work to defeat this terrible beast.
    • To get started on this quest, you’ll want to speak with Sorine in town after completing the quest, “The Treasure Hunter.”


  • Stand out from the townspeople a little more by adorning yourself in new jewelry you can craft at the Smithy or buy at the Enchanter’s Tower.
    • Like weapons and armors, jewelry comes in ten tiers.
    • Rings provide bonus ranks to Spells and abilities while necklaces provide bonus ranks to Perks.
    • Higher-tier jewelry can give ranks to more powerful skills, or even more ranks to less powerful ones.
    • Enchanted rings have the same primary enchantments as gauntlets.
    • Enchanted necklaces have brand new elemental Retaliation and Regeneration enchantments.
    • You can find a new Artifact, the Warlock’s Ring.
    • During the week of E3 2019, in addition to a new banner and Gems, you will be able to obtain the Crimson Kiss on iOS and Cascadia on Android.


  • New additions can be found to Jobs including some new scenery and new ways to test your skills in combat.
    • Take arms and fight NPC enemies one-on-one in Solo Arena Battle Jobs.
    • Get some fresh air with new Jobs that take place in the forest.
    • Some secrets have been added to select Jobs. Will you find them all?
    • Reward icons have been added to the Jobs Menu.
    • The average difficulty of Jobs at higher levels has been reduced.
    • The timing of the Elder Chest Job rewards has been randomized.
    • Materials to collect can now be picked up by tapping on the objective icon.
    • Food: Removed food from the very beginning of jobs.


  • Improvements and additions have been made to various audio around the world. If you thought you heard that townsperson speak you probably did!
    • New voice-over has been added to NPCs around town, during major quests, and in Solo Arena Battle Jobs.
    • You can now adjust any voice-over audio options in the Settings menu.
    • Dremora enemies now have unique audio.
    • New audio cues have been added when an enemy is stunned by a High Block and when a Wispmother blocks an attack.
    • Weapons that have poison applied to them now have new audio.
    • Walking audio has been added that changes depending on what armor you have equipped.
    • Music now continues where it left off once combat concludes.


  • Visual Effects: The Ebony Mail artifact now emits smoke.


  • Chests: Elder and Legendary Chests can no longer be lost. They are now still added to your chests if received while at full chest capacity.
  • Difficulty: We’ve improved the accuracy of Skull difficulty ratings. Now the difficulty rating will only depend on your currently equipped items.
    • Dev Note: The Skull ratings are now more accurate in more situations, and at all levels, but we’re keeping a close eye on them to identify any remaining cases that need improvement.
  • Leveling: The player level cap has been increased to 100! To complement this adjustment, we’ve also added new level up rewards and offers, as well as more challenging jobs.
    • Dev Note: In order to curb high-level power, level ups over 50 no longer award attribute increases or Skill Points.


  • Difficulty: The Abyss difficulty has been revised. We’ve also added messaging to identify the recommended starting floor.
    • Dev Note: The new balancing provides a more consistent degree of challenge for all players.
  • Display: Added a celebration when surpassing your current depth record.
  • Enemies: High-level Dremora can now drop Daedra Hearts and Daedroth Teeth in the Abyss.
  • Enemies: High-level Dragons can now drop Dragon Bones, Dragon Scales, and Dragon Claws in the Abyss.
  • Options: Added the option to return directly to town after an Abyss run.
  • Rewards Display: The next Abyss reward name now displays on screen.
  • Rewards: Increased how many enemies must be killed to earn the first bonus reward.


  • Attacks: Slowed down some Skeleton, Wight, Bear, and Giant Spider attacks.
  • Drops: Added possible item drops to Spiders, Skeletons, Goblin Wizards, Necromancers, Thalmor Agents, Warmasters, Trolls, Outcasts, and Nether Liches.
  • Shulkunaak: Updated Shulkunaak’s scales to a unique new color.


  • Effects: Standardized the prevention of negative effects inflicted by skills. The effects of Ice Spike, Blind, Paralyze, Guardbreaker, Harrying Bash, and Staggering Bash can now all be avoided with the Absorb spell, as well as by dodging all of the skill’s damage with a Dodging Strike.


  • Main Quest: Added dialogue and cutscenes to the last two quests of the main questline.
  • Five Stones Quest: Reduced the difficulty of the Undead Dragon in The Five Stones quest.
  • Mercenaries on the Run: Replaced the Leather reward for completing the Mercenaries on the Run quest with Pearls.
  • Quest Items: Assigned higher rarities to important quest items.


  • Construction: Revised building construction, upgrade and customization costs, as well as associated Prestige rewards.
    • Dev Note: The new balancing makes upgrading and customizing more important to growing your town, with greater Prestige rewards for doing so. Customizing to Stone style now requires Bronze, and customizing to Castle style requires Bronze and Marble, but both materials are now easier to find.
  • Decorations: Two unique decorations have been added to giveaway during E3, the Apple Pie (iOS) and Sweet Roll banners (Android).
  • Decorations: Added new decorations to craft in the Workshop.
  • Decorations: Added new decorations that will appear in the Store over time.
  • Materials: Increased Bronze and Marble drop rates in chests. Reduced drop rate of alchemy materials.
  • Materials: Added new collection jobs to find Bronze or Marble.
  • Prestige Rewards: Prestige rewards have been added when earning and purchasing decorations.


  • Display: Added buttons to clearly show when Gems can be spent to replace missing gold or materials.
  • Display: Added a button that appears when a challenge is completed to go directly to the Challenges Menu to claim your reward.
  • Inventory Menus: Improved filtering options and default sorting in shop and inventory menus.
  • Lists: Fixed a bug that would return a list to the top whenever an action was taken on an item in that list.
  • Loading Screen: Added loading screen tips about enemy damage types.
  • Menus: Updated the Tips Menu with new and revised content.
  • Notifications: Added a notification for players that stop playing without collecting the daily reward.
  • Settings: Increased maximum camera sensitivity.
  • Store: Fixed a bug that displayed two daily rewards in the Store.
  • Tutorials: Added tutorials for new players about quests, town building, and device orientation.



  • Description: Fixed a text bug that referred to “Quicksilver Armor” as “Blades Armor”.
  • Scrolls: Fixed a bug that made Scrolls of Revival take up inventory space.
  • Weapons: Fixed a bug that drastically lowered the power of the Onyx Cleaver and Onyx Saber’s regeneration reduction effects.
  • Collection: Fixed a bug that prevented you from collecting an item that was too close to you.


  • Animation: Fixed a visual bug that prevented enemies from reacting to the Thunderstorm spell’s bolts.
  • Animation: Fixed visual issues with the elves encountered at the start of The Five Stones quest.
  • Graphics: Fixed a visual bug that gave the Dwarven War Axe the same look as the Dwarven Battleaxe.
  • Graphics: Fixed a visual bug where the dragon on an Imperial banner would face the wrong direction.
  • Visual Effects: Fixed a visual bug that made the bolts emitted by the Lightning Bolt and Delayed Lightning Bolt spells look like they were interrupted when they were not.
  • Visual Effects: Fixed a visual bug that misplaced certain visual effects on enchanted weapons.


  • Health: Fixed an issue that would cause your Health to not restore fully upon reviving after death.
  • Combos: Fixed a bug where going from attack to block to attack would turn the second strike into a combo.


  • Abilities: Fixed a bug that prevented abilities from working correctly when used near the end of a Dodging Strike performed with a light weapon.
  • Enchantments: Fixed a bug that made the Fortify Elemental Condition, Elemental Adrenaline, and Elemental Opportunist secondary enchantments too powerful when applied to damage over time.
  • Enchantments: Fixed a display bug where the value shown for a weapon’s primary enchantment was not increased by a Fortify Primary Enchantment effect.
  • Perks: Fixed an issue that stopped the Combat Focus perk from applying to Reckless Fury.
  • Perks: Fixed a bug that applied the Enchantment Synergy perk to shield and armor material bonuses.
  • Perks: Fixed a bug that prevented the Enchantment Synergy perk from working, when first learned, until a new area was loaded.
  • Resistances: Fixed an issue that drastically reduced the effectiveness of Fire Resistance against the Wall of Fire spell.


  • Display: Fixed a bug that made the Skill buttons unresponsive.

That’s all for our The Elder Scrolls: Blades update hub. What would you like to see in future TES updates? Let us know in the comments below!

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