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The Keysmart Flex carries 8 keys in one sleek organizer

KeySmart Flex

Everyone carries keys, but they can be somewhat inconvenient. If you have more than a few, they’re bulky and messy. If you only have one or two, they’re easy to lose. That’s where KeySmart Flex comes in.

This handy little gadget can hold up to eight keys in one easily accessible sleeve that fits comfortably in your pocket. It’s not a groundbreaking concept, but it definitely makes your life easier. 

Think of the KeySmart Flex as a wallet for your keys. You can organize them in any order you want so you can access them quickly, just like your credit cards. 

Fits comfortably in your pocket.

It’s made of ultra-durable polycarbonate that will last longer than any lanyard you own. And most of all, it eliminates any bulky, pointy awkwardness in your pocket. Organization has never been so simple.

It’s usually $20 for a two-pack of Keysmart Flex, but right now you can save 25 percent and pick it up for just $15. It’s a tidy little saving for your Monday. 

The deal is only temporary, so if this little gadget would make your life easier hit the button below to find it.

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