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The Moment Cyber Monday sale gets you up to 40% off smartphone camera gear, more

Moment Starter Set with One LensMoment

When it comes to turning your smartphone into a photography and videography powerhouse, many people turn to Moment. With its Photo Cases and snap-on lenses, Moment has made a name for itself as the go-to company for all your mobile photography needs. As luck would have it, the Moment Cyber Monday sale is now in full swing!

That means you can get some seriously awesome discounts on everything Moment carries. That includes its own smartphone camera gear, but the Moment Cyber Monday sale also includes discounts on third-party products such as backpacks, accessories, and even drones.

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Moment also offers online classes to help you up your photography game as well as excursions you can take to hone your craft. These are also discounted today.

For those of you just looking for Moment’s bread-and-butter — its snap-on smartphone lenses — you’ll first need a case. Moment supports Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, and OnePlus devices as well as iPhones. Check out the Android options below:

Moment Photo Case for OnePlus Devices

$24 .00 Save $16 .00

Buy it Now

Moment Photo Case for Galaxy Devices

$24 .00 Save $16 .00

Buy it Now

Moment Photo Case for Pixel Devices

$24 .00 Save $16 .00

Buy it Now

Once you grab a Photo Case in the Moment Cyber Monday sale, you’ll need to grab a lens. Moment has a bunch on offer, but the three below are the most popular:

Moment Telephoto 58mm Lens

$90 .00 Save $30 .00

Buy it Now

Moment Anamorphic Lens

$120 .00 Save $30 .00

Buy it Now

Moment Wide 18mm Lens

$72 .00 Save $48 .00

Buy it Now

If you know you want cases and lenses and want to save a little extra cash, the company also offers bundles. With a bundle, you can get everything you need to start taking amazing shots with just your smartphone. You can check out the single-lens bundle below, but there are also bundles with two lenses, three lenses, and more.

Moment Starter Set with Photo Case, Lens, and Lens Pen The perfect starter kit for someone just getting into the Moment ecosystem.
Just getting started with Moment lenses? This is the perfect starter set that gets you a Photo Case for your particular device, a lens of your choice, and a Lens Pen for taking care of your new glass. Pricing will vary depending on your bundle configuration.

As mentioned earlier, Moment also sells lots of other products. You can click here to see everything on offer, but we thought we’d highlight this awesome deal on a Peak Design backpack, a much-loved brand of our own David Imel (among others on the team):

Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L v1 A stylish and functional backpack for all your gear.
If you’re looking to store all your camera gear (or whatever you might need), you want to do it in style, right? Peak Design backpacks are adored the world over for their quality, durability, and good looks.

Click the button below to see all the sale items offered in the Moment Cyber Monday event!

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