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The Newest Hunt Showdown Event Is The Best Update Hunt Has Ever Received.

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Hunt Showdown, a PvPvE high-stakes extraction shooter developed by Crytek, has captivated players for years with its hardcore gameplay, iconic worldbuilding, and punishing, yet rewarding hunts through monster-infested bayous. The latest update introduced the “Tide of Shadows” event, which has players, new and old, putting on their cowboy hats and flocking back to the game, which is now seeing the highest population it has ever had.

The massive update added a number of refreshing features, such as dynamic rain that completely changes the gameplay loop, a number of new weapons (one of which is a double barrel rifle with a shotgun attached to it – absolute beast), and a cute new boss, called Rotjaw, a giant alligator that shoots lightning. So, in this article, we’ll delve into the new additions and changes introduced with the Tide of Shadows event and why it’s causing so many to join the hunt.


The Enigmatic Rain Map and Intense Confrontations:

Hunt Showdown is a very atmospheric game. When you’re not on high alert because you thought you heard a bush rustle 3 miles away, the game is gorgeous, both visually and audibly. The newly-introduced rain wildcard brings even more eeriness and tenseness to this atmosphere. And, don’t worry this won’t affect your PC performance, even a small single-fan GPU should be able to handle this map on normal settings.

The raindrops crashing into the soggy ground and wooden rooftops, lightning screeching in the background, fog that limits your view distance, and muffled sounds of gunshots and screaming in the distance completely change the way you approach the game. It’s no secret that Hunt: Showdown is all about listening, more so than even seeing. The sound in this game is your primary survival tool. But with the introduction of rain, all of a sudden your hearing is severely handicapped, leaving you blind, or in this case deaf, to your surroundings. 

Hunters must now be even attentive to their surroundings and vigilant to the fact that another group of hunters may be using the rain to muffle the sound of their approach. 

On top of that, the newest boss, Rotjaw, also introduces a brand new dynamic to the game that was not present before. Unlike other bounty targets, which dwell within the comforting confines of a large structure, Rotjaw is completely out in the open. This means the team that banishes Rotjaw must wait outside, completely open to the elements. And when the enemy team does arrive, they must fend for themselves with limited to no cover. 

This change flips the entire bounty-killing mechanic on its head. No longer are defenders safe within their compounds so long as they’ve thrown barbed wire on the entrances. Now, defenders can only use only the natural cover that the bayou wills them to have, giving bounty attack and defense stages a whole new level of dynamism. 

Exclusive Rewards and Advancement:

Tide of Shadows also brings with it a number of new rewards, both cosmetic and usable. Among the most notable of which is the new Drilling rifle, which combines a double-barrelled medium ammo rifle, with a powerful single-barrel shotgun. Switch between two modes and attack your opponents from a distance and up close. There are also several new cosmetic items for different weapons and equipment, a number of new legendary hunters, and even some new placeable support kits. Unlock these items through the battle pass by completing weekly challenges and outperforming your opponents during hunts.  

A Flourishing Community: United by Engaging Experiences:

For most of its existence, Hunt: Showdown was seen as a niche experience, which was due to its unique gameplay concept, but it also didn’t help that there were very few people playing the game. However, the number of players in recent years has been steadily growing and with the Tide of Shadows update, the community is now the healthiest it’s ever been. We even recently noticed a discussion about running Hunt Showdown on the Steam Deck, on Reddit.

This is an exceptionally positive development for Hunt: Showdown since the game is at its absolute best when playing with a cohesive team. While running solo has its moments, it pales in comparison to the rush of adrenaline one gets from reviving a teammate while bullets are flying by your head, or ambushing an enemy team to steal their bounty, or racing to the extraction while a horde of hunters is on your muddy heels.

And with the recent Tide of Shadows update, which introduces a battle pass that is progressed through weekly challenges, this team dynamic is even more emphasized through a shared grind and reward system. If you and your team have the same challenge (e.g. to kill a specific type of monster or extract with a bounty), the challenge is shared with your entire team. The same goes for the rewards; if one player uses a certain weapon, ammo type, or equipment, their expertise also translates to your own hunter. This greatly rewards team play and the fact that everyone can contribute to the overall progression pool.

The Tide of Shadows event in Hunt Showdown presents an enthralling and immersive experience that resonates deeply within the game’s passionate community. With its enigmatic new rain map, formidable boss encounter, exclusive rewards, and the exponential growth of the community, the event has breathed new life into the game, elevating the overall gameplay experience. The event’s resounding success not only showcases the developers’ commitment to crafting memorable experiences but also solidifies Hunt Showdown’s position as an exceptional multiplayer phenomenon. As the community continues to flourish and evolve, players can eagerly anticipate embarking on even more extraordinary adventures within the mysterious world of Hunt Showdown.