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These Lenovo smart home deals are insane, with smart displays, plugs, and bulbs

Lenovo Smart Home Bundle November 2019

Lenovo makes some pretty decent smart home products, especially when it comes to its smart displays, which are powered by Google Assistant. Right now, there are some totally insane smart home deals happening at Lenovo that will save you buckets of cash.

In fact, these smart home deals are so nuts, we can’t imagine that they’ll stick around for long.

Both of the deals on offer are bundles. The first bundle gets you a Lenovo Smart Clock (like a smart display but smaller and with fewer features) along with a smart light bulb and a smart outlet. The Smart Clock alone would cost you $79.99, but with this bundle, you get the clock, the bulb, and the plug for just $55.99 with a coupon code.

The second of these smart home deals is a bundle that includes the Lenovo Smart Display (the 8-inch model). This works like a Google Nest Hub and allows you to fully control your smart home as well as to conduct video calls, watch YouTube, and more. The bundle comes with a smart display, two smart bulbs, and two smart plugs all for $161.99 with a coupon code. The Smart Display all by itself costs $139.99, so this is an insane deal when you add in the four other items.

Check out the bundles summed up below:

  • Bundle #1 — Lenovo Smart Clock, Smart Bulb, and Smart Plug: $55.99
  • Bundle #2 — Lenovo 8-inch Smart Display, Two Smart Bulbs, and Two Smart Plugs: $161.99

To get the lowest prices for these smart home deals, you’ll need two different coupon codes. For the Smart Clock bundle, use the code BFSNEAKPEEK3 at checkout. For the Smart Display bundle, use the coupon code SNEAKPEEK10 at checkout.

Click one of the buttons below to see the deals! Hurry, these definitely won’t last long.

Source of the article – Android Authority