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This incoming Google Chrome feature could make image sharing easier than ever

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Google Chrome is easily one of the best Android mobile browsers. It offers seamless integration across all your devices, it sports Google’s latest Material Design, and it’s packed with useful features for power users. Now, users may have yet another reason to use Google Chrome as their default browser thanks to an incoming feature that could let you more easily share images by copying them to your clipboard.

XDA Developers discovered a recent commit on Chromium Gerrit revealing the feature’s development. The commit describes a new context menu that lets users copy images from directly within Google Chrome.

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Users can already share images from the browser, but they must use Android’s share menu. Image copying could make this process simpler, allowing Google Chrome users to share images in just a couple of taps.

There is a link in the commit showing off the proposed UI, but no one can access it without permission. Though there is no way for us to know precisely how this would look, we suspect Google would simply add a new “copy image” option in Chrome’s existing long-press context menu.

It’s still possible Google won’t merge this commit into Chrome. But, if it does, you will be able to enable it by typing chrome://flags#context-menu-copy-image directly in your browser.

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Source of the article – Android Authority