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This week in Android: 108MP cameras vs software superiority

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 camera and logo macro

This week saw the release of the world’s first 108MP camera setup in the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. The camera is certainly impressive on paper, but Google and Apple are still proving that the best smartphone photos are all about software, not megapixel counts.

In other news, Samsung announced it’s closing its custom CPU core development in favor of off-the-shelf offerings from ARM. Considering how the Exynos versions of Galaxy phones always lagged behind their Qualcomm counterparts, this will probably prove to be the correct move for the South Korean giant.

On the review side, this week we published our thoughts on the aforementioned Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and Motorola Moto G8 Plus smartphones, as well as the Google Pixelbook Go and Google Nest Wifi.

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